Bangkok   Ι   Yen-Akart --- TEMPORARILY CLOSED

THE HOUSE Team of Chefs de Cuisine likes to welcome you in Yen-Akart, with some personal words:

Dear Valued Guest,

I am Chef Praphon and I would like to introduce myself and my Team!

Our cooking experience started when we were young kids. Influenced from our Mom’s and Grandma´s home flavors we grew up with (for us) each the best chefs in the world. From a young age, we developed an interest to cook simply due to the wonderful variety of aromas, tastes, and flavors that we constantly found in our kitchen.

The love for cooking took us from diverse kitchens in Thailand to a few restaurants and hotels in Australia, and back to Bangkok where we worked as Chef and Head Chef in diverse Thai and International Restaurants with European kitchen or 5-Star-Hotels, where after I started different kitchen projects as a consultant and enjoyed a traditional chef´s life by offering private cooking sessions.

Until the day we heard about THE HOUSE and the ancient recipes that they prepare for a fine dining experience, we knew we needed to be a part of it. After listening to all the recipes from all over the world and all of the stories behind them, we knew what to do next in our lifes: to become the head-chefs of THE HOUSE!

Enjoy your stay with us and your chef tables experience – We are looking forward to welcoming you in person soon!

Chef Praphon