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about our restaurant

Cooking in the "traditional way" has become a forgotten path of restaurant-kitchens, as many try new dishes and combine diverse recipes of this planet into a fusion-dish. Nevertheless, for us, we would like to take you back in time, where cooking has been prepared with essential ingredients and spices grown back in the motherland and cooked as they were supposed to be cooked 100 years ago.

Our Chef will create seasonal changing dishes, served in 6-courses of small savory dishes, prepared with the help of these traditional recipes that we’ve collected from family-members and other grandma´s & grandpa´s met around the world from our travels throughout the last 40 years.

All recipe origins and our top quality ingredients are sourced from the following locations: Venezuela, Peru, Mexico; US: Hawaii, New Orleans, Texas; France, Italy, Germany, Swiss-Alsatian, Netherland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Tajikistan, Hungary, Rumania, Poland, Egypt, Morocco, South-Africa, Namibia, Scandinavia, Iceland, Guernsey (UK) & Thailand.

Our purpose is to offer a unique dining experience that the vibrant and stimulated city of Bangkok can offer. As the anchor of South-East-Asia, we are proud to offer you an exciting and flavorful dining experience at THE HOUSE.

And of course you will learn the story of the recipe, the history of its existence, and the exciting ingredients that make up the dish just before you take your first bite.